The Laboratory for Dynamics and Control of Nanosystems (LDCN) is a multi-million dollar state of the art research facility dedicated to the advancement of nanotechnology through innovations in systems theory and control engineering. The main thrust of research in the Laboratory is to develop methodologies, technologies and the necessary instrumentation for fast and accurate interrogation and manipulation of matter at the nanoscale. The LDCN's multidisciplinary research team pursues a dynamic and active research programme that maintains a solid systems and control focus on a variety of emerging applications in nanotechnology.

Read an article about the Second Workshop on Dynamics and Control of Micro- and Nanoscale Systems from the December 2012 issue of IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

Read an interview with Professor Moheimani from the April 2012 issue of IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

Watch a video about the research being undertaken at the LDCN.


Recent Publications

  • Noise resilient 2-DoF washout tracking controller for nanopositioning systems subject to sensor drift
  • Control of Vertical axis of a Video-Speed AFM Nanopositioner
  • 4-DOF SOI-MEMS Ultrasonic Energy Harvester
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